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Basketball Goal Reviews
Browse the most comprehensive listing of reviews on premium outdoor basketball goals available. Compare top basketball hoop brands and buy the best basketball systems for sale based on excellent in-depth verified customer reviews.
verified customer reviews
as of May 26th 2017

Top-Rated Basketball Goal
Harris family’s Pro Dunk Diamond in El Paso, TX
Pro Dunk
based on 145 reviews
The ultimate basketball system boasting the largest pole on the market perfect for dedicated playing areas

Adjustable, In-Ground Basketball Goal Reviews
Pro Dunk Diamond
Browse all 145 reviews 1 2 3 4
The ultimate basketball system boasting the largest pole on the market perfect for dedicated playing areas
72" Backboard
12" x 8" Pole

5' Overhang
Adjustable down to 6'

Voted most useful reviews
Nothing Better On The Market!
By Jimmy Sanders from Kingman, AZ
100% satisfied.
By SHAZAM from Oklahoma City, OK
Pro Dunk Platinum
Browse all 674 reviews 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Regulation-sized backboard delivers gym-quality performance perfect for 3+ car driveways or dedicated courts
72" Backboard
8" x 6" Pole

4' Overhang
Adjustable down to 5' 6"

Voted most useful reviews
Great product, great service
By Juice Daddy from haymarket, VA
I would buy this product again and again
By Mark from brookfield, WI
Pro Dunk Gold
Browse all 902 reviews 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
The perfect mix of performance and size making the Gold our best-selling driveway hoop 5 years and running
60" Backboard
6" x 6" Pole

4' Overhang
Adjustable down to 5'

Voted most useful reviews
Looks like a pic in a magazine and feels like NBA
By skills from Valley Springs, CA
First Class Product
By JimM from Carlisle, PA
Pro Dunk Silver
Browse all 637 reviews 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Heavy-duty adjustable system perfect for families with a one to two car driveway looking for better performance than box-store brands
54" Backboard
5" x 5" Pole

3' Overhang
Adjustable down to 5'

Voted most useful reviews
Neighbor's Envy!!
By Budding NBA Mom from Kinston, NC
The best hoop on the market - hands down!
By Troy from Osceola, IN
Ritzmann family’s Pro Dunk Silver in Union, KY

Discover high quality adjustable, in-ground basketball goals reviewed by verified customers. You’ll find the best quality reviews from customers that have experience with the basketball systems. Home owners will rate their adjustable driveway and backyard basketball court hoops while school, church and neighborhood representatives leave feedback about the in-ground basketball systems on their playgrounds and parks.

If you’re searching for resources to help you compare adjustable basketball hoops and in-ground basketball systems side-by-side you’re in the right spot. Let reviewers help guide you with in-depth suggestions based on experience with their outdoor basketball hoop.

Fixed-Height, In-Ground Basketball Goal Reviews
Hercules Diamond
Browse all 54 reviews 1 2
The undisputed champion and ultimate fixed-height basketball system (8" pole, regulation backboard and 5' extension)
72" Backboard
8" x 8" Pole

5' Overhang
Limited Lifetime warranty

Voted most useful reviews
better than expected
By caden from yarmouth, ME
Will last forever!
By Mi Kee from Apple Valley, CA
Hercules Platinum
Browse all 46 reviews 1 2
A regulation sized tempered glass backboard and beefy 6" square pole deliver great play for your home or institution)
72" Backboard
6" x 6" Pole

4' Overhang
Limited Lifetime warranty

Voted most useful reviews
I would probably buy again
By EAH it's in the game from Hinton, IA
Outdoor time is happy time
By Roger Mason from Nashville, TN
Hercules Gold
Browse all 38 reviews 1
An oversized 6" pole and thick 60" backboard make this system perfect for demanding home or institutional players
60" Backboard
6" x 6" Pole

4' Overhang
Limited Lifetime warranty

Voted most useful reviews
Great Fun
By Baxter Fun Center from Yakima, WA
Best I've Seen!
By Bill from Bellevue, NE
Salem School students on the Hercules Diamond

Research the best fixed height basketball systems by reading excellent reviews about the different Hercules basketball pole standards. Customers reveal their stories and explain ratings in quality, ease of use, installation, buying and support. Discover the best quality reviews including many top 5-star reviews. In fact, Hercules fixed basketball poles are the highest rated basketball hoops on the market boasting over 100 5-star verified customer reviews.

If you’re looking for unbiased useful information in your search for the best fixed-height basketball goals, look no further. Let impartial customers that you can trust guide you with excellent advice on which fixed basketball hoop is the best to choose in your situation. Compare features, prices and feedback in one convenience place.

Roof-Mount Basketball Goal Reviews
Roof King Platinum
Browse all 49 reviews 1 2
Heavy-duty garage roof-mounted basketball hoop with 60" backboard fits 9 of 10 houses
60" Backboard
Break-away rim

Stainless steel hardware
10 Year Limited Warranty

Voted most useful reviews
Found right goal
By chairman of the boards from Largo, FL
you get what you pay for
By hammer from Livonia, MI
Roof King Gold
Browse all 48 reviews 1 2
Heavy-duty garage roof-mounted basketball hoop with 48" backboard fits 9 of 10 houses
48" Backboard
Break-away rim

Stainless steel hardware
10 Year Limited Warranty

Voted most useful reviews
This was an excellent choice
By Vincent S from Mississauga, ON
Best out there, but not without its faults
By Nate from Denver, CO
The Roof King Platinum turned this driveway into a court

Are you shopping for a roof-mounted basketball goal for your garage roof-top? Buy with confidence with the most comprehensive listing of basketball goal reviews available. This resource is full of advice from impartial, unbiased customers looking to share their experiences.

All reviews are left by verified customers who rate their roof-mount basketball hoop based on the buying / shopping experience, delivery, installation, performance and post sale support. Each roof mount basketball system is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. Once you have discovered the best roof mount basketball hoop for you, you can purchase it right on the website making for a great one stop shop for research and buying.

The Basketball Goal Review Process

Here at Pro Dunk Hoops, we request reviews from our customers approximately 60 days after they order their basketball goal. We have found that this is a good amount of time to allow for three things...

  1. Delivery
  2. Installation
  3. Use of the basketball system

By allowing customers ample time we believe that this enables them to give a complete 360 degree rating of their basketball system as well as our service including sales, support and delivery.

Verified customer reviews

We do not allow anonymous users to leave reviews in our system. This is to make sure all reviews are as useful as possible and allows us to tie the review back to an order to help resolve any issues that are brought up.

Powerful review tools

We also allow visitors to our site to rate reviews as “useful” or “not useful” to help researchers surface the best reviews during their search for the perfect basketball goal. Reviews are broken down by product. You can sort them by date, usefulness, and rating. By default, the most recent reviews are shown first. We believe that this is best to allow visitors to see how the basketball hoop and our service is doing right now, not how it was doing 3 years ago.

Find basketball goal reviews on the best brands

All of our reviews are from verified Pro Dunk, Hercules and Roof King brand basketball goal customers. This includes outdoor basketball goals of the in-ground, adjustable, fixed-height and roof-mount varieties. Most reviews are on the Pro Dunk basketball goal models which are fully height adjustable meant for schools, parks and playgrounds as well as for residential home use on the driveway or backyard basketball court.

Pro Dunk Hoops and Reviews

We began collecting reviews in May, 2010 and believe it is one of the best additions we have ever made to the website. It allows users researching basketball goals access to unbiased advice. Visitors can tap the collective experience of hundreds of people just like them to help them make an informed buying decision.

We love to read testimonials and stories from customers as it helps us improve our basketball goals and service into a 5-star, top-quality offering. Many of the reviews are in-depth write-ups from experienced professionals such as engineers and metallurgists. These excellent reviews truly add value to the website giving our visitors the best-quality experience possible.

Browse, search and discover high-quality reviews on top-ranked basketball goals right here. This is your one stop shop for premium, high-quality research material on basketball goals. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the reviews you see, please give our basketball goal experts a call.

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