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What can I do here?

This is a directory of professional basketball goal installers that you can use to find and then hire an assembly professional in your local area. Locate an experienced installer in your state by searching the directory above.

You'll also find great reviews and tips to aid in your research. Resources include price estimates and a how to guide.

Who are these installers?

The professional basketball goal assembly professionals in our directory have experience with our basketball systems and have proven themselves to be reliable. This is a reputable list of professional assemblers that you can trust with your basketball goal installation needs.

Reviewed by verified customers

60 days after purchasing a basketball goal our customers receive a review request. Part of the review process allows them to rate the professional installer they hired. As you browse though the installers you’ll see these reviews allowing you to hire the top-rated basketball goal installer in the area.

National vs. local installers

The assembly professionals in this list can be split into two types. First, there is the independent local installer. This company has come to us and asked to be included in the directory. They usually serve a small area. Secondly, there are the national installers. This is a company that aggregates all of the independent local installers. They take a cut of the installation cost for the labor of maintaining their directory and scheduling the installation with you. Both are good options which is why we include them side by side in our directory.

What's the usual buying and installation process?

Buy the basketball goal

Call our basketball goal experts our use our research tools available through the website to choose the perfect basketball hoop for your home or institution. Place the order online or over the phone. Feel free to send an email with a picture of your playing area for expert advice on which basketball hoop to choose and where to place it.

Schedule installation

Use this directory to find the best basketball goal installer in your area. Call them and schedule the installation process.

Part 1 - Concrete pier installation

On the first day, the installer will dig / excavate the hole, pour concrete and set the J-bolt pattern. All you’ll be left with after the first day of installation is the concrete pier with 4-6 J-bolts sticking up 4 inches.

Concrete cures for 2-7 days

Part 2 - Setup basketball system

After the concrete pier has cured the installer will come back out to put together your basketball goal. Assembly will take approximately one hour. He will erect the pole, put up the extension arm, setup the backboard and put together the rim to complete the assembly.

Start playing!

Note: These installers can also perform any kind of maintenance, relocation or repair services your basketball goal needs.

Where will they install my basketball goal?

Our basketball goals are institutional grade. They can be installed at home or institutions such as schools, neighborhoods and businesses. The installers in this directory will provide installation service in parks, playgrounds, recreation centers as well has your home driveway or dedicated backyard basketball court.

Why types of systems do they install?

The installers in our directory will install a variety of basketball goal types including in-ground equipment, adjustable backboards, fixed-height poles, roof-mount hoop, wall-mount systems and portable rims. Within these types, there are many grades of basketball goals. We specialize in the highest quality outdoor basketball goals. Pro Dunk, Hercules and Roof King basketball hoops offer the best play and the top quality.