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Pro Dunk Silver on an asphalt half-court

Great photos of the Pro Dunk Silver on a large asphalt court complete with white striping. Large mature oak trees flank the court. Randy's son completes his signature dunk while the hoop is lowered.

Randy's son practicing his signature dunk on the Pro Dunk Silver basketball system at about a six foot rim height.

A hill slopes down towards an asphalt court with the key and three-point circle striped in white.

A beautiful setting for a game of three on three. The Pro Dunk Silver sits at about a seven foot rim height.

Pro Dunk Silver on a great sized court that doubles as a driveway for a large white metal building.
More information about Randy's Photos
Court Width 45 Feet
Court Depth 25 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System
Order Date April 2013
Customer Randy C
Location Greenfield, OH
Review Very happy customer!
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Great quality product! My 9 year old son can raise or lower the height by himself. The system was fast and easy to install and has been a ton of fun for the family.
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Adjusted Low
Basketball goals that have been lowered from regulation height for your dunking pleasure.
Asphalt Concrete Blacktop
Some great photos of what can be done using blacktop (a.k.a. asphalt concrete or pavement) existing and new.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
Staff picked photos showing family fun on a home basketball court and visual representations of common questions.
Half Court
Wonderful pictures of basketball half-courts submitted by our customers and one of the largest categories of photo albums we have.
Hills have not stopped these customers from creating wonderful basketball courts.
Basketball courts that have the key, three-point line and and other lines striped.
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