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Hercules Platinum Basketball in Columbus, Ohio

Mike's attached pictures of his "basketball themed" half court were taken in the front yard of his residence in Columbus, Ohio. The dimensions of the high school sized half court are 44 feet wide and 30 feet deep. It includes a home and away bench, player drinking fountain, night light and drench drain. All done in local high school colors, black and gold. Landscaping is not completely done yet.

During the night, a night light is switched on in order to play outside.

There is a side view of the themed high school sized half court.

Angled shot view of the court.

On the left you can see a player drinking fountain on the wall of his residence.

There is a home and away bench.

Front view of a home bench.

Front view of an away bench.

The half court is all done in local high school colors.
More information about Mike's Photos
Court Width 44 Feet
Court Depth 30 Feet
Product Hercules Platinum Basketball System
Order Date June 2012
Customer Mike C
Location Columbus, OH
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