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Roof Mount hoop on two-car garage

David has done a great job efficiently using his space. The Roof King Platinum roof-mounted basketball system is mounted to his detached two car garage and the asphalt driveway has some sharp looking white striping.

The Roof King Platinum sits atop a two car garage and is met with a 17 foot wide asphalt driveway that makes for a tremendous playing area.

This photo is framed just right so you can get a really good feel for how the 60 inch backboard of the Roof King Platinum looks on a two-car garage.

A great photo showing how well the Roof King blends into a neighborhood setting without being obtrusive. It really looks as if it belongs.

A side view of the Roof King system also showing some of the great court key stenciling work that was done to make this court feel like a real gymnasium.

Beneath a roof mounted Roof King basketball system ready to make a layup.
More information about David's Photos
Court Width 17 Feet
Court Depth 36 Feet
Product Roof King Platinum Basketball System
Order Date May 2012
Customer David A
Location Woodmere, NY
Review Good quality product
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Happy with the product. Setting it up was a bit of a production but this is exactly what we were looking for
Review They got the job done
4 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Was a bit pricey but the installation was well done. I found it a little difficult to find an installer willing to do the job - Bob's assembly wasn't willing to do it
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